Meet the Owner!

   Meet the Owner!
Hey, Sister! Welcome to SSB! My name is Chelsi and I'm happy to say that I'm the Owner & Founder of Sassy Sisters! Est. 2018
Fun Fact: I don't actually have a Sister ;) Whaat? I know, right, sorry to disappoint. However, what if I told you, she's my Momma and I consider her my Sister..♡ I'm sure a lot of you moms would like that! She has taught me everything in life from running a business to always treating yourself by shopping ;) (anddd that's where my love for it began!)
Yes, I may love shopping, but I definitely love helping my customers aka "Sisters" even more. When it comes to styling and picking out the perfect piece for a special occasion, grabbing that last minute outfit or even just to boost ones confidence, it sets my soul on fire! Girl, I hear you, I got you! You want something plain jane but sets you out of your comfort zone? Okay, let's do it! You want something over the top, maybe even some bling? Yess, I'm here for it! Tired of looking at old clothes and just need a little shopping haul? Treat yourself, Sis!
With that being said, I'm proud to say that everything in Sassy Sisters is hand picked by me! I love a good variety of casual and chic everyday styles and always try to offer a wide variety of sizes from XS-3X.
Aside from shopping, I love traveling, spending time with my family, any and all snacks, specifically sour candy and Dr. Pepper, listening to music and attending all the concerts! Oh, and my favorite color is PINK (who would've guessed?!)
I can't wait to help you shop SSB and hope you love everything we have to offer! Thank you so much for shopping small! 
xoxo, Chelsi

Momma & Daughter
Aka "Sisters"